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Don't break the bank and Discontinued sets from Big Brother

Recently a friend of mine had a son who was turning 6 and wanted a Police Station building block set by the top name in the business (don't want to say the name because of their strict trademark rules). They were willing to spend $50 or so, but were shocked at the price tag of around $150! They had to pool their money from grandparents and other relatives to get the $150 bucks together.

We understand that 'the inventor' of the building block make top quality products but really, does it have to be $150? We don't think so. Sluban has now entered the North America market and is a great competitor among building block set. We also carry themes and sets that 'the inventor' doesn't - like Military and City. 

'The inventor' company has discontinued many of their City theme products. Try finding a whole Airport set for under $300 now. Good luck. Some people on Amazon and Ebay are asking $800! Crazy! Sluban though can solve that problem. We have Airports, Planes, Helicopters and more...

We had one family say their son was begging them to place a bid on Ebay for $600 for the Airport set made by 'the inventor' company. They wanted to please their son, but weren't going to pay an arm and a leg for it. Then they found us! What a relief they said it was to find a great product at a very reasonable price.

So, no need to break the bank anymore. We carry all kinds of similar products or similar quality. Try us out! If you aren't satisfied, just return it for a full refund.



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