WW2 Atlantic Wall D-Day - Landing Craft & Canon Battle Set M38-B0861 - 765 Pieces

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The Sluban WW2 Atlantic Wall D-Day Set has it all !  The D-Day set has a Large "Atlantic Wall" Building, With a small Command centre, Radar Installation, Coastal Canon, AA Anti-Aircraft Guns, and German Field Gun. 

--- > Included the set comes with 8 solider Mini Figures,  a Motorcycle,  Allied Landing Craft and many weapons and accessories. 

This Set M38-B0861 - has 765 Pieces


The set has a working / rotating turret. The set is built strong and is a unique Military brick set and a great set for playing or simply as an addition to any World War 2 History collection. 

  • Includes: 765 Pieces
  • 8 Mini Figures,  Motorcycle  and accessories + Allied Landind Boat
  • The Atlantic wall is 27 cm / 10.9 inches long
  • Fully compatible with all other brands.
  • Item Number M38-B0861
  • Assembly required  -  
  • Suitable for ages 10+


  • Everything you see in the pictures
  • Full / Large scale - color glossy instructions
  • High-Quality Box

Box Size : 38 X 33 X 6.7 CM